I'm 33 and I grew up in Rome where I studied clinical and community psychology.

I lived and worked for long term projects in Bolivia, Albania and Turkey, being involved in community-based actions with and for unaccompanied minors, street children, asylum seekers and political refugees.

I'm a self-thaught freelance photographer and documentarist. I'm interested in social issues and borderline stories; since 2011 I've been documenting issues related to migration in Europe and in the Middle East. 

I'm co-working with Cro.M.A. (Cross Media Action), an indipendent audiovisual collective producing webdocs, documentaries and short docs and teaching partecipatory story telling.

Some of my photos are distributed by Redux Pictures and NurPhotos.

I speak Italian, English, Spanish and Albanian. Trying to learn levantine Arabic.

My work has been published on Internazionale, Deutsche Welle, Mediapart, Tagez, Left, Paris Match, Wall Street Journal, La Repubblica, La Stampa, Il Manifesto.

I'm currently based in Rome.

email: [email protected]


- Young Mediterranea 18 Young Artist, Selected for Multimedia Category, Tirana, May 2017.

- 1st Prize DIG Award 2016 - Short Reportage: "Travelling with the refugees" by Valentina Petrini, collaboration as a freelance videographer.

- 1st Prize Cross Media Reporting - Dig Award 2015, ex Premio Ilaria Alp, Directing 4Stelle Hotel webdocumentary, Italy 2015.

- 1st Prize Docunder 30 - Best Web series, Italy 2015. 4Stelle Hotel webdocumentary.

- Finalist - Primed Festival - Prix International du Documentaire et du Reportage Mediterraneèn, Marseille, France, 2015.  4Stelle Hotel webdocumentary

- 1st Prize ShotCalling Photofest - Witness Journal 2015, Photographic Reportage 4Stelle Hotel.

Screenings and exhibitions:

"Haraket: Syrian refugees in Turkey" - Docfield Documentary Photography Festival, Barcellona. October/November 2017

"Migrants, struggles, self-organisation" - Urbanize Festival, Wien. 10-11 October 2017

4Stelle Hotel, the full webdocumentary is available here: www.4stellehotel.it (co-directed with Paolo Palermo, produced by Fabio Ragazzo, Martino Bresin and Cro.M.A.).

- Festival MEDIR - Cinema Apollo 11 - Roma, October 2017.

- Selected by IDFA DOC LAB database, http://www.doclab.org/2016/4stars-hotel/.

- Selected in the Open Documentary Lab of MIT, Massachusset Institute of Technology, http://docubase.mit.edu/project/4stelle-hotel/.

- IHRFFA, International Human Rights Film Festival Albania, September 2016.

- MIA Conference, International Conference on Migration, Irregularisation and Activism, Malmo, Sweden, June 2016.

- International Research Center for Interactive Storytelling, Leeds Trinity University, Leeds, UK, June 2016.

- Inhabitants Festival, MACAO, Milan, Italy, April 2016.

- ENGAGE, Conference for Social Acrtivism, Skopje, Macedonia, February 2016.

- One World Festival, Prague, CZ Republic, March 2016.

- Krakow Film Festival, 4Stelle Hotel, Poland, June 2015.

- Human Rights Film Festival, 4Stelle Hotel, Todi, Italy 2015.

- Lampedusa in Festival, 4Stelle Hotel, Lampedusa, Italy, September 2015.

- Metro zones Saloon, Maxim Gorki Theatre, Berlin, Germany 2015.

- Roma Tre Film Festival 2015, Teatro Palladium, Roma, 2015.

- Metropoliz Squat, Rome, 2015. 

"Motus: Camps, borders, rights", July 2018

Book published by "Il Galeone Edizioni"

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